Curated Music News

These are the news items that I have curated during the monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the Music conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I am using all of these links to better understand how the space is defining not just their APIs, but their schema, and other moving parts of their API operations.

Signal is finally bringing its secure messaging to the masses (02-16-2020)
Top 10 Architecture Blog Posts of 2019 (12-23-2019)
Google buys Fitbit for $2.1 billion (11-01-2019)
How (10-25-2019)
New Botnet Targets Android Set (08-28-2019)
Google moves closer to letting Chrome web apps edit your files despite warning it could be 'abused in terrible ways' (08-23-2019)
Introduce React Plugin Template (08-22-2019)
Splunk Moves into Microservices Monitoring with SignalFX Acquisition (08-21-2019)
Surveillance as a Condition for Humanitarian Aid (08-20-2019)
How to Reduce Cognitive Load for Voice Design (08-19-2019)
API and data visualization out of the box [not so obvious gallery] (08-18-2019)
Smart ovens have been turning on overnight and preheating to 400 degrees (08-14-2019)
TensorFlow 2.0: Dynamic, Readable, and Highly Extended (08-14-2019)
MQTT Publishing and Subscribing Messages to MQTT Broker (CloudMQTT) Using .NET C# MQTT Client Library (08-14-2019)
Spotify will now let indie artists upload their own music (09-20-2018)
CMS API Sample: Generate RSS Podcast Feed for iTunes (04-12-2018)
Alexa Routines can now include music and podcasts (04-04-2018)
Alexa Skill Recipe: Making HTTP Requests to Get Data from an External API (04-04-2018)
Smirnoff's Spotify API balances playlists to equally represent female, male musicians (03-05-2018)
Family displacements through urban renewal (12-27-2017)
Ed Sheerans creative process explained with music visualization (12-21-2017)
Music Markup Web Components for Web Audio (12-19-2017)
Tutorial: How to make HTTP Requests in React, Part 3 (12-09-2017)
Snips lets you build your own voice assistant to embed into your devices (11-22-2017)
Sonos One now supports voice control of Spotify with Alexa (11-21-2017)
Now Playing: Using Spotifys Awesome API with React (11-13-2017)
Blockchain tokens could transform the music industry (11-08-2017)
Spotify launches an app for artists with real (10-12-2017)
How Machine Learning Finds Your Music (10-11-2017)
Top 4 Free Music Data APIs (09-15-2017)
Google Home now works with Spotify free accounts (08-18-2017)
Google Home's voice controls now work with free Spotify accounts (08-18-2017)
Google Home now supports free Spotify accounts (08-18-2017)
Over 50,000 digitized pieces of vinyl can now be listened to on Internet Archive (08-12-2017)
What Can I Do with BAND Open API? (07-27-2017)
Logitech Circle 2 is a great surveillance system, but for a price (07-26-2017)
Songlink for Slack Share music better. (07-25-2017)
Spotify Is Watching You (07-17-2017)
Google connects Home's voice commands to your uploaded music (07-13-2017)
Open Spotify links in Google Play Music with this handy Chrome extension (06-25-2017)
June 25, 2017 . Creating a searchable music site, using the soundcloud API. (06-25-2017)
Now you can build shared Spotify playlists with your friends in Facebook Messenger (06-21-2017)
Why Google Play Music should offer public API (06-18-2017)
Blockchain Could Help Musicians Make Money Again (06-06-2017)
Apple Music hits 27M paid subs, adds MusicKit API and social listening (06-05-2017)
Apple Music hits 27M paid subs, adds MusicKit API and social listening (06-05-2017)
Scardify Spotify Codes printed on high quality cards (05-25-2017)
Spotify buys AI startup Niland to develop its music personalization and recommendations (05-18-2017)
Spotify is hiring people to cook up hardware as innovative as the Amazon Echo (04-24-2017)
Coachella drones take over the music festival with Intels newest light show (04-23-2017)
Facebook is baking in Spotify and Apple Music right into Messenger (04-18-2017)
Spotify now offers Premium users exclusive early access to new music (04-04-2017)
Spotify trades free-tier album delays for smaller royalties (04-04-2017)
Music service Spotify tweets it now has 50 million paid subscribers (03-03-2017)
Amper Music raises $4 million to jazz up AI (03-02-2017)
Lou Reed's archives acquired by New York Public Library (03-02-2017)
Spotify now has 50 million paid subscribers (03-02-2017)
Tweet: Our API console is temporarily down, we're working on a fix! (03-01-2017)
Europeana Radio discover, listen and tag the music from Europeana Music Collections. (01-11-2017)
Spotify Public API Profile: Surf a Giant Musical Database (12-28-2016)
Microsoft releases new Groove Music API documentation (11-07-2016)
Sony develops algorithm based AI music (10-17-2016)
Let?s All Obsess Over This Intricate Map of Alt Music History (10-07-2016)
SoundCloud acquisition could offer a glimpse at the future of streaming music (09-28-2016)
Is your app ready for token revoke? (07-25-2016)
Amazon Echo users can finally choose Spotify or Pandora as default music service (07-07-2016)
Charted history of music, from its origins to present (07-06-2016)
Pandora FMS Integrates NGINX Plus Monitoring (06-23-2016)
Twitter Invests $70 Million in SoundCloud Music Service (06-14-2016)
Music Rover ? Messenger bot to discover music you will love (06-10-2016)
New Music ? Discover new music through the Apple Music API (05-17-2016)
Flo Music lets you make collaborative playlists across Spotify, SoundCloud and more (05-09-2016)
SoundCloud is expanding its paid subscription service internationally (05-03-2016) is now a part of the BandPage network (04-14-2016)
SoundCloud turns Twitter Moments into a neat tool for playlists (04-12-2016)
Playlist Machinery ? Tools that help you create & organize your Spotify playlists (04-04-2016)
The Echo Nest Developer Center (03-29-2016)
Introducing SoundCloud Go (03-29-2016)
SoundCloud Go (03-29-2016)
SoundCloud launches its $9.99 monthly subscription music service to take on Spotify (03-29-2016) ? Music charts powered by SoundCloud (03-27-2016)
A Vinyl API of One?s Own | Adam Croom (03-26-2016)
10 music artists who are about to blow up in 2016, according to Spotify (03-17-2016)
Introducing the Musixmatch IFTTT Channel (03-02-2016)
Spotify chooses Google Cloud Platform to power data infrastructure (02-23-2016)
Spotify Moves Infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform (02-23-2016)
Volvo is integrating Spotify into its new cars (02-22-2016)
YouTube acquires music startup BandPage (02-12-2016)
BandPage has been acquired! We?re joining YouTube! (02-12-2016)
Spotify, please don't turn into iTunes (01-31-2016)
SoundCloud and Universal Music Agree to Licensing Deal (01-13-2016)
SoundCloud ties in Universal Music ahead of planned paid subscription service (01-13-2016)
Toronto Public Library opens 15,000-strong record collection for vinyl appreciation workshop (11-06-2015)
College of Music Orchestrates Success With APIs (08-29-2015)
Bandpage partners with early streaming pioneer Rhapsody to shape the future of music monetization (06-04-2015)
Music Metadata on Artist Influence (06-04-2015)
Representing over 20,000 independent labels, Merlin becomes our latest On SoundCloud partner (06-04-2015)
Grateful Dead: 250 UK cinemas to screen their farewell show (05-05-2015)
Streaming Services use of Metadata (04-02-2015)
MuseScore 2.0 Makes Creating Sheet Music Easier and Faster (03-26-2015)
Bjork's next music video will be available for Oculus Rift (03-01-2015)
Musikki API Gives Developers Access to Real-Time Music Information (02-25-2015)
Robots vs. pop stars: Who is better at curating your music? (02-25-2015)
Fans Empowered to Support Musicians Directly (02-24-2015)
All the ghostly sounds that are lost when you compress to mp3 (02-19-2015)
Rdio launches in 24 additional countries (01-22-2015)

These are curated as part of my daily work to understand what is happening across the space, and I regularly use them to track on what has occurred overtime, and include them in my guides, whitepapers, and other outputs.

Featured Music Companies and Organizations

These are the organizations I come across in my research who are doing interesting things in the API space. They could be companies, institutions, government agencies, or any other type of organizational entity. My goal is to aggregate so I can stay in tune with what they are up to and how it impacts the API space.


SoundCloud is a music and podcast streaming platform that lets you listen to millions of songs from around the world, or upload your own. Start listening now!

  • Blog - The blog for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Blog - The blog for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Blog RSS - The blog rss for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Careers - The careers for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Console - The console for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Crunchbase - The crunchbase for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Crunchbase - The crunchbase for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Developer - The developer for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Developers - The developers for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Github - The github for the SoundCloud platform.
  • LinkedIn - The linkedin for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Pricing - The pricing for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Privacy - The privacy for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Status - The status for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Support - The support for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Support - The support for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Support - The support for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Terms Of Service - The terms of service for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Twitter - The twitter for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Twitter - The twitter for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Twitter - The twitter for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Website - The website for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Website - The website for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Website - The website for the SoundCloud platform.

Sound Cloud

  • Delete Me Favorites Track
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Other Music Companies and Organizations

These are additional companies who have APIs, but do not have as much detaila nd resources available to rank with the others.


Welcome to 7digital! Choose from over 30 million high quality tracks in our store; download, sync and play your music on the go.


ACXtractor is a fast, professional and user friendly CD ripper for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2K/ XP (aka audio grabber, digital audio extraction, CD to MP3). You can extract your AUDIO-CDs very easily and save it as WAV (make a copy of your original CD) MP3 or OGG vorbis. With the freeware CDAID you can obtain CD information like artist and song title from freedb or CDDB over internet.


All the latest news, releases, and happenings from the world of AnalogX.

Anvil Studio

Free Windows multi-track MIDI/Audio recording & editing, VST Effects & Instruments, automation. Options for Sheet Music printing, music theory, ear training.



Digital audio software company. Makers of Prophet V, Analog Factory, Origin, Jupiter-8V, CS-80v, ARP2600 V, Modular V, Mini V, Brass, Storm, imini, spark, drum machine, beatstep, keylab


Concert discovery has changed. Previously, fans would seek out concert dates, but with the rise of social media, fans now expect that information to come to them. Bandsintown simplifies concert discovery by allowing music fans to Track their favorite artists, see which shows they have RSVP’d to & share these shows with their friends. The concerts are then synced with their calendar, so fans are sure not to miss the show.

Worlds largest free African-American online community where Black women and Black men meet to chat, discuss and engage on what matters to us. Now with jobs, news, dating, games and photos.

Blue Vertigo

In one place, always updated, more than 800 links: Stock Photos, Videos, Vectors, Mockups, Logotypes, Textures, Patterns, Fonts, Icons, Sounds, Color Tools, 3D Models, Website Templates and Themes, Photoshop Brushes, Text Generators, Lightroom Presets, Free and Premium.


C64 Take-away podcast

Semi-regular music podcast featuring Commodore 64 remixes and original SID chiptunes. Hosted by Jan Lund Thomsen.


CD/Multimedia/DVD Player,CD Ripper,12 and 34 band Spectrum Analyzer,15 and 31 band Parametric/Graphic EQ,Internet Radio,Media Server,Database,online freedb support,freeware

Ceol Mor Software Ltd.

PiobMasterPro(Bagpipe Software), and DrumScriobh(Drumming Software) are both leading edge Windows applications which are easy to use,featuring drag & drop,and real pipe and drum sound playback from Ceol Mor Software & Publishing Ltd


Class M Multimedia


new music curated by music experts

dB Masters

Deep Prose Software - Booxter

Deep Prose makes Booxter, the worlds best book, music, movie and comic book collection software for the Macintosh

DEL MP3 Karaoke

Bienvenue sur DEL MP3 Karaoke. Welcome to DEL MP3 Karaoke. Chanter sur votre air préféré avec notre logiciel de karaoke. Sing along on your favorites with our karaoke software.


djay - #1 DJ app for iPad, iPhone, and Android. djay Pro - professional DJ software for Mac and Windows.

Duck Software

Database software to organize, track, and catalog your collections. Free shareware downloads to try out the collector programs.


Music theory and ear training software on PC, Mac and iPad. A complete method to become a better musician. NAMM TEC Awards nominee.

Emoticons 4 U

Come here to use the biggest collection of emoticons on the net! You can use them in forums, email, ...!


EZ CD Audio Converter

Convert music between all audio file formats with professional audio quality. Music conversion to/from FLAC, MP3, M4A, AAC, Opus, DSD, WAV, OGG, and more audio formats. Securely rip audio CDs in bit perfect quality. Free download


Whether youre a beginner or a professional composer, our user-friendly music composition software gives you all the tools that you need to make your own sheet music. You can write, listen, share and discover music scores right in your web browser on any device

Free Graphic Land

FreeGraphicLand where we offer thousands of free graphics on the best clipart and graphic image website you will find on the net today.

Free Music Archive

The iconic resource for free music, podcast safe and royalty free music for video. Supporting creators, rewarding creativity.


Freesound aims to create a huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps, ... released under Creative Commons licenses that allow their reuse. Freesound provides new and interesting ways of accessing these samples, allowing users to browse the sounds in new ways using keywords, a sounds-like type of browsing and more--upload and download sounds to and from the database, under the same creative commons license, and interact with fellow sound-artists!

Full Moon Software


Music News, Blogs & Concert Listings, sorted.

Gilmour Promotions

Golden Aset

free VST/VSTi graphic control elements for SynthEdit, Golden Aset VST Instrument, sound library for Wusikstation, sound library for Kontakt, my music - free MP3 songs

Griff Pocket Music Studio

PlanetGriff is the home of Griff, the Portable Audio Studio for PocketPC.


Sell music, comics, software, books, and films directly to your audience.


Imaja publishes Perspectiva and CalReader for iPad and iPhone, TaskInsight and Astral Blossom for Mac OS X. Imaja software tools are for productivity, business, animation, multimedia, graphics, music, design and education for the Apple Macintosh, Mac OS X, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Mac OS 9. Imaja also offers older software products for Mac OS 9: Bliss Paint, Bliss Saver, Listen, PicScan, Space Garden Meditations, Chronos, Imaja Reminder, ProtoFont and Rainwater. Imaja also offers a selection of original music, video and e-book products.

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager increases download speed with built-in download logic accelerator, resume and schedule downloads

J's Magic Galleries

Offering free graphics and clip art, photography, poetry. stories for all ages.

Jag's House

Cigar Box Guitars and more from $79.99 since 2005. Expert Macintosh Repair by former Apple tech since 1992.


Free music downloads and streaming. Discover and explore 600,000+ free songs from 40,000+ independent artists from all around the world.

The worlds largest online music service. Listen online, find out more about your favourite artists, and get music recommendations, only at


The source for all Your Commodore 64 Gaming needs. Here you will find all the C64 classics, plus a lot of rare games not available anywhere else on the internet. Lemon has more than 4000 games available.

Leniel Macaferi Blog

Everything software engineering with a strong background in computer engineering and computer science.

Linked Jazz

Revealing the Relationships of the Jazz Community Linked Jazz is a research project investigating the application of Linked Open Data technologies to digital cultural heritage materials. Our goals are: 1) To uncover meaningful connections between...


Lyricpro-Software for Songwriters


MacRocks is devoted to the promotion of everything and everyone that rocks with a Mac! Mac Audio News, Reviews, helpful articles and links to Hardware and Software for the new user of Macs & Music are published every month.

Magic Point

Our team provides you with the most efficient solutions to improve the quality of your website, flash based Joomla modules with awesome transition effects, exceptional panning and zooming, user friendly configuration interface, great support and many more to come. Please feel free to take a look at our extensions and take advantage of our newest products.

MaxFrame Corp.

MaxFrame Corporation - Website Design, Graphic Design, Hosting Services, Video Service, Music Services.


MediaNet provides partners catalog, publishing admin, on-demand streaming, DMCA radio, downloads, rights management, reporting, and payments—under one roof.


Educational Musical Games - Games online - Documents et activités sur le thème de la musique.


Listen to the best DJs and radio presenters in the world for free.

Mobile Roadie

The first native iOS and Android app builder in history, Mobile Roadie offers you a set of cutting edge tools to build a solid app and increase your audience. Learn more now.


MuseScore lets musicians play more music. Creating sheet music can easily be done using the free and open source MuseScore notation software, available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Join the MuseScore community and discover new sheet music. The site has social features such as embedding, commenting, annotating, statistics, groups and it comes with an open API for third party developers. Stop printing scores and start playing with the MuseScore mobile applications for iOS and Android.


Create, play back and print beautiful sheet music with free and easy to use music notation software MuseScore. For Windows, Mac and Linux.

Music Calculator

An online music calculator that includes formulas and tables for bpm, hertz, keyboard notes and quality factor calculations.

Music Teacher's Office

Orchestrating the business of music lessons


Musixmatch is the worlds largest catalog of song lyrics and translations lets you easily add and update a list of music, books, films & games on your blog or website.

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Orpheus and Lyra, Inc.

PC Drummer

PC Drummer is an easy to use drum machine software app for the Windows PC. It is perfect for practice, recording and live performances./>


Enjoy free access to your favorite songs and online radio stations

PositiveSoul Productions

Press Play on Tape

A Community of Punk Rock Bands, Punk News, Punk Music Videos, Articles, Blogs, Photos and More...

Pure free download manager

Free Download Manager accelerates all types of downloads (files, video, torrents). Its a smart and fast internet download manager for Windows and macOS.


RC4WA completely allows to control Nullsoft Winamp (tm) player with help of remote control your TV-tuner: Play, Stop, Pause, Seeking -/+, Volume...

River Graphics

River Graphics - Music Website Design and Hosting. Web Site Design Specializing in the Music Industry offers musicians an affordable way to showcase their material via the Internet


Roni Music

Free download of Music/MIDI shareware software. CD-Player - Slow down the speed of music without changing the pitch / MIDI


TiVo is a pioneer in DVRs | Buy TiVo BOLT, Roamio, and Mini | Free shipping | Integrate all streaming apps into TV | Start your free trial today!

Sagan Technology Metro

Home of Sagan Technology and Metro 6, award winning Audio Video MIDI sequencer for Macintosh Computers.

Select Performers

Select Performers Web & Marketing Agency. WordPress Consultants, Social Media, SEO, Marketing.

Seventh String Software

Seventh String Software - the home of Transcribe!

Solo Explorer

Wav to midi conversion and automatic music transcription software. Converts monophonic audio to midi, extracts and displays pitch and music score, lets you play, edit, and save them.


Songkick allows you to organize and track your favorite bands, get concert alerts, and buy tickets. Get instant tour dates from your music library.


Guitar, bass and drum tabs & chords with free online tab player. One accurate tab per song. Huge selection of 500,000 tabs. No abusive ads


Add high quality music processing to your app with the web service. offers professional grade audio technology that can easily be integrated into your web or phone app with just a few lines of code.


License cover songs & video game music - Free music distribution for original songs across top platforms. Collaborator & royalty MGMT - No recurring fees!


Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs.


Spreaker provides you with all the tools you need to start a podcast and distribute it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more. Try our monetization features, analytics or enjoy our podcast catalogue.

Synapse Audio Software

Welcome to Synapse Audio Software, we made the best VST Synthesizers: DUNE 3, EKS Pro, Hydra, and Rack Extensions: Antidote, GQ-7 and more

the HideOut

The Laptop Skin Vault

The most unique, off the wall designs guaranteed to make you laptop stand out in a crowd!

The Tao of Mac

Keeping Things Simple

The Tunnel - Demoscene blog

da tunnel - demoscene blog

The Void: PC Audio Resource

Welcome to The Voids MIDI and Module music section! This section focuses on works by the pages owner as well as several other selected artists.



VersusMedia offers a wide range of films and episodes by emerging filmmakers. Watch the best independent movies and music videos by upcoming artists for free. Independent films on Roku and Apple TV.

WFMU's Beware of the Blog

Highly addictive and updated frequently, freeform radio station WFMU offers up mind-blowing MP3s, video oddities, news and commentary on obscure music, and links to the weirdest sites on the net.

Yearbook Designs

Graphic design is a discipline that is diverse and creative. When you learn and develop graphic design skills by taking a course, you can be an expert in this field. You need to learn what its all about once youre enrolled in school. It means knowing what to

Music Tooling

These are the open source tooling that I come across in my research who are doing interesting things in the API space. They could be companies, institutions, government agencies, or any other type of tool_anizational entity. My goal is to aggregate so I can stay in tune with what they are up to and how it impacts the API space.

android-music-client Website
api-sound-interfaces Website
Api-Spotify Website
apollo-graphql-music-share Website
apollo-hooks-graphql Website
ArturKroschel-site Website
audiopia Website
bach-json-schema Website
beatql Website
BulbulProject Website
c2m2 Website
catalog-api Website
CloudMusic Website
CoreMusic Website
diversidad-media Website
django-graphql-music-app Website
docker-musicbrainz-graphql Website
express-postman-node-api Website
friends-radio Website
golang-graphql Website
graph-react-tracks Website
graphbrainz Website
graphql-api Website
graphql-lyrical Website
graphql-music Website
graphql-music Website
GraphQL-musical Website
graphql-musicbrainz Website
GraphQL-MusicBrainz Website
GraphQL_Demo Website
graphql_music_searcher Website
Indieverse Website
JSON-Schema Website
jukebox Website
kafka-compose Website
lastfm-graphql-wrapper Website
LeLe-Pop-star Website
lentil Website
lyre Website
Lyrica Website
lyrical-graphql Website
lyrically-graphql Website
lyric_match_app Website
music-box Website
music-graphql Website
music-graphql Website
music-graphql Website
music-grpc Website
music-industry-microservice Website
music-internal Website
music-room Website
music-school-ng-integration Website
music-share Website
music-share Website
music-store-api Website
Music-Web-App Website
musical-enigma Website
musical-memory Website
MusicAppSwagger Website
musicbot Website
MusicBot-API Website
musicbrainz-swagger-docs Website
musiccat Website
musicDatabase Website
MusicDatabase-API Website
MusicDirectory Website
musickit-graphql Website
MusicNote Website
Musico Website
musicql Website
musicsearch Website
musicshare Website
musicsheets Website
MusicSwaggerConfigurator Website
MusicSwaggerDevice Website
MusicSwaggerServer Website
musictracker Website
music_app Website
music_stores_api_swagger Website
My-Favorites-App- Website
PostgresDataModeling Website
Postman-Music-Upload-Node-js Website
progtonode-graphql Website
Project-Data-Modeling-with-Postgres Website
punk-rock-graphql Website
QQMusic_Innovation_QPlay_OpenAPI_Demo Website
quantified-self-server Website
react-music Website
react-music-app Website
react-musicserver Website
react-tracks Website
redis-music-CRUD Website
rsong Website
Sample_Node_Swagger-Music_APIs_App Website
shelter-a-musician-store Website
SickBeats Website
spring-boot-music Website
streamworks Website
Swagger_OAS Website
thriftwillcassettes Website
thriftyGramophone Website
TrackQL Website
uti Website
vested Website
waterloo-frontend Website

Industry Tag Cloud

This set of tags represent this industry, pulled from the website and marketing materials available for each of the companies listed.

.NET128b1k1password2.12.22000201924-bit24bit256b32b3D3d Models3D Printing4G4K64b64k68k8k96kAACAccelerateAcceleratorAcceleratorsAcousticAcoustic GuitarACXtractorAddAdsrAffiliateAffiliate ProgramsAfrican AmericanAIFFAIMAisAlbum ReviewsAlgorithmicAliensAll-In-OneAmazing GraceAmazonAmazon Fire TvAmericanaAmplifierAnalogAnalog FactoryAnalogXAndroidAndroid TvAngelsAnglaisAnimalAnimalsAnimationAOLAPI LIfeycleAPI United KingdomAppApp BuilderApp ConstructorApp CreatorApp Development CompanyApp Development PlatformApp MakerApp PlatformAppleApple StoreApple TvApplicationApplicationsApprendreApprentissageApps CreatingApps For AndroidArchivesArp2600ArpeggiatorArrangingArtArtist BiosArtist SupportArturiaArtveraASIOASPIAspi DriverASPI RipATATAPIAtariAudioAudio CdAudio File ConverterAudio FormatsAudio GrabberAudio Recording SoftwareAudio RipperAudio To MidiAudioUnitAugmented RealityAutomaticAutomationAvant GardeAvant-GardeAverAver.comAvermediaAviAvremoteбесплатнобесплатностидузагрузказвукмузыкамультимедплейерпрограммапультскачатьтв тюнертв-тюнертюнеруправлениеуправлятьустройствоутилитафильмхаляваéducationBachBagpipeBagpipesBalalaikaBandBandsBannerBarcode ScanningBasicBassBass TabsBeatlesBeethovenBestBest Cigar Box GuitarBest Download ManagerBetaBewegendBillingBitcrusherBittorrentBizarreBizetBlackBlack CommunityBlack CultureBlack HistoryBlack LoveBlack MatchesBlack MenBlack PlanetBlack WomenBlissBlogBlog ToolsBloggingBlogsBluegrassBluesBluesboyBluesboy Jag Cigar Box GuitarBluetoothBMWBoardBookBooksBoosterBootloaderBootstrap TemplatesBooxterBottleneck Dobro GuitarsBouzoukiBoxBpmBrandingBrassBroadcastsBrooktreeBt848Bt878Bt8x8BugBuildBulk OrdersBusinessButterflyButtonBuyBuy A CbgBuy A Cigar Box GuitarByte RateC#C64CakewalkCalculatorCalendarCalReaderCanadaCanadianCarCardCareerCaribbean AmericanCaricaturesCartoonCartoonsCases And AccessoriesCatalinaCatalogCategorizedCbgCDCd Audio ProtectionCd GrabberCd PlayerCd RecorderCd RipperCd To Mp3Cd To Mp3 ConverterCd To Ogg Vorbis ConverterCd To WavCd-audio To Mp3Cd-audio To WavCd-playerCd-ripperCd-romCD-RUNNERCdaidCddbCddb GrabberCdexCdripperCDROMCelloCentsChangeChange Log ExampleChange SpeedChansonChansonsChanteurChartChartsChatChatsChiptuneChiptunesChopinChorusChristmasChurchCi/cdCigarCigar Box GuitarCigar Box Guitar For SaleCigar Box Guitar MusicCigar Box GuitarsCigar Box Guitars For SaleCigarboxCigarbox GuitarClassicClassiqueCléClipClip ArtClipartCloudCodeCollaborativeCollectCollectionCollection CatalogersCollectionsCollectorCollegeColor ToolsComédieComicsCommerceCommodoreCommodore 64CommunitiesCompact DiscComposeComposerComposingCompositeurCompositionCompressorComputerComputer ArtComputer MusicComputersConexantConnectionConsultingContact UsContent InformationContinuousContractorControlControl ElementsConversionConverterConvertersCoolCountryCrazyCreateCs-80CubaseCubase SXCubase VstCubasisCuesCustomCustom AppCustom App DevelopmentCustom ComposedCustom OrderCustomisedCustomizedDaddy MojoDAEDAPDark HollerData ProviderDatabaseDavidDAWDecalDecoderDelDelayDemoDemosceneDeveloperDevelopersDevopsDFF To FLACDiddley BowDifferenceDigitalDigital AudioDigital Audio ExtractionDigital Drum MachineDigital MediaDigital Media APIDigital Media ContentDigital Media Content FulfillmentDigital Media MonetizationDigital Media WidgetsDigital MixersDigital VideoDirectoriesDirectXDiscDisc JockeyDiscover MusicDiscover New MusicDisplayDistortionDiversity JobsDivxDjDJ And KaraokeDjayDjay ProDJingDobroDocumentsDOSDownDownloadDownload AcceleratorDownload ManagerDownload Manager FreeDownload ManagersDownloadsDreamcast GamesDressedDrinkDrinkenDroneDrumDrum Machine SoftwareDrum SoftwareDrumsDSD To FLACDSF To FLACDulcimerDUNE 3DVDE-commerceE-inkE-mailEar TrainingEarly Delta Blues HistoryEasterEasy Cd-da ExtractorEboardEbooksEcgEcidEditEdpEducationEducationalEdutainmentEffectsEKS ProElectricElectric GuitarElectronicsElementaryEmailEmbeddedEmoEmojiEmojisEmopumpEmoticonEmoticonsEmotieEmotiesEmulationEncoderEncyclopédieEngineeringEnomcmsEntertainmentEntertainment IndustryEnveloppeEqEqualizerEspagnolEthan WinerEventsEvilExperimentalExplore MusicExtensionsExtensions And TemplatesEzboardFaFactorFamilyFastFast Download ManagerFasterFastestFathers DayFdmFDM For MacFDM For WindowsFeaturesFestivalFiguurFiguurtjesFilesFilmFilmsFilterFinaleFingersFirewireFivesFLACFlac To Mp3FlagFlashFlashgetFnacFontsFoodFootageForumFourth Of JulyFrançaisFreeFree DemoFree DownloadFree Download Manager For MacOSFree FormFree Guitar TabsFree Internet AcceleratorFree JazzFree Music DownloadFree ShippingFree StreamingFreedbFreeformFreelancerFreewareFrequencyFretlessFriendsFTPFull MoonFull ScoreFunG3G4GameGamecube GamesGamesGekGekleedGelukkigGenerativeGermanyGETGetrightGeweldGHBGIFGifsGitarGitfiddleGoogleGothicGozillaGrabGrabberGraphGraphicGraphic ArtGraphic DesignGraphicsGratonGratuicielGratuitGriffGriffin NE Mic AdapterGroupsGuitarGuitar Lessons Little RockGuitar Lessons North Little RockGuitar TabGuitar TabsGuitareGuitarsGutbucketHackHacksHalloweenHand Made In AmericaHandmadeHandwriting RecognitionHappyHardwareHarmonizerHave OpenAPIHDMIHeaderHealthHeartHeraHertzHigh Speed DownloaderHigh-speedHighlandHip-hopHobbiesHolidayHomeHome MadeHome RecordingHome-recordingHome-studioHomekitHomemadeHomemade 3 And 4 String Slide GuitarsHoroscoopHoroscopeHosting ServicesHow To BuildHow To MakeHowtoHTTPHzIBookIbooksIbootIcanIconsIcyID3IeIllustrationIMacImac Repair Little RockImacsImagesImajaImprovisationIncreaseIndependent ArtistsIndependent FilmsIndiaInfopopInfraInfra RedInspirationsInstrumentInstrumentsIntegrationInternetInternet Download ManagerIntervalIntroInvisionInvoicesInvoicingIOSIPadIPhoneIphone AppsIPodIPod TouchIPortIPv6IRISight ScanningIssues ExampleIstITunesJagJagitschJamendoJazzJeuJeuxJoomlaJPEGJPGJunoJupiter-8KarKaraokeKeyKeyboardKeyboardsKeynoteKhzKingKnobKrautKraut RockKrautrockKwaadLandenLandis GyrLaptop SkinLaptop Skin VaultLaptop SkinsLatestLeadLead SheetLeadsheetLectureLeft Handed Cigar Box GuitarLeicLenielLessonsLFOLibraryLicense FilmsLight ShowLightroom PresetsLigneLinkLinked DataLinksLinuxLocal Black DatingLogicielLogicielsLogotypesLoopLoopsLoveLowebowLyricsM3uM4AM4A To MP3MacMac OSMac OS XMac Pro Repair Little RockMac Repair Little RockMacbookMacbook Repair Little RockMaccaferriMacintoshMacintosh Repair Little RockMacosMacOS Download ManagerMacRocksMadMagicMahlerMailMakeMake Apps Without CodingMakingManagerManagersMandolinMapsMarketplacesMarvintecMathMaxFrameMémorisationMétronimoMétronomeMêlésMeMediaMedia ListMeet Black PeopleMetaMetro 6MetronimoMi BoxMicrosoftMIdMIDIMIDI Clock DivideMIDI SequencerMidi SoftwareMillenniumMillisecondsMiniMinivMixMixerMixingMobile App CreatorMobile App MakerMobileroadieMockupsModModularModuleModulesMoneyMonitorsMoteurMothers DayMotsMouseMovieMoviesMozartMP3Mp3 Conversion SoftwareMp3 ConverterMp3 RipperMp3 SoftwareMp3 To WavMp3sMP4MPEGMpeg4MsMSNMulti-trackMultimediaMultimedia SoftwareMultitrackMumbaiMusicMusic And AudioMusic APIMusic CommunityMusic ContentMusic ConversionMusic ConverterMusic LicensingMusic PlaylistMusic ReviewsMusic RowMusic SchoolMusic SoftwareMusic StreamingMusic StudioMusic SupervisionMusic VideosMusicalMusical EquipmentMusicauxMusicianMusiciansMusicienMusicxmlMusiqueMy API StackMy ListMy MediaMy Media ListMyMediaListMyMediaList.comNAMMNashvilleNationNatureNetboosterNetherlandsNetworkingNetworksNew Free Music DownloadNewsNews And MediaNewtonNo APINo API DefinitionNode-redNodeJSNotationNoteNoveltyNTNullsoftNZeroObsceneObscureOctaveOdditiesOddityOeuvresOfficeOGGOgg VorbisOld Timer GuitarOldiesOLEDOn-premisesOnlineOpéraOpen SourceOpera TvOperating SystemOpinionOrderOrganization And ProductivityOrganizeOrganizer SoftwareOriginOrionOSOscillatorP.d.q.PADPaintingPalmParam EqParentsParolesPartagicielPartyPassword ManagementPatternPatternsPawPCPC GamesPDAPdqPdsPedestalPencilPenduPeoplePercentagePercusionPercussionPercussion MusicPersonalPersonal PagesPersonalsPerspectivaPhaserPhotoPhoto-resistorPhotographyPhotosPhotoshop BrushesPhpBBPianoPickupsPicturesPiobMasterDrumScriobhPiobMasterProPitchPitch To MidiPlaatjesPlanetGriffPlatformsPlayPlayerPlaylistPlaylistsPlugPlug-inPlug-insPluginPocketPCPodcastPodcastsPoiPointPollPollsPortablePortraitsPortugalPoserPowerPCPpotPractice MetronomePre-clearedPremierePremiumPresetPRESS PLAY ON TAPEPricePrimitivePrintPrionProProgramProgrammingProjectProphetProxyPS2 GamesPsychPsychedeliaPsychedelicPublishingPucciniPushPuzzleQQaQbQtQualityQuickQuickbasicQuickpakQuicktimeQuizRadioRadio StationsRaidenRaiden MusicRandomRapidRareRaritiesRarityRaspberry PiRateRatedRcRc4mpegRc4waRDACDReadabilityRealReal LifeREAL-32RechercheRecognitionRecommendationsRecordRecordingRecordsRedRed Dog GuitarsReddogRegetRegistrationsRelatedRelative DataReminderRemixRemix And RetroRemoteRemote ControlRepairResonanceResonator Cigar Box GuitarsResourcesReverbReviewReviewsRhythmRhythm GuitarRipRipeRipperRippersRippers & EncodersRockRock And RollRokuRolandRoni MusicRootsRossiniRotatorRumorsRythmeSACD To FLACSadSafe DownloaderSampleSample WavSamplerSamplingSazSceneSchoenSchoolScienceScissorsScoreScorewriterScotlandScotland The BraveScottishScreen SaverSCSISearch EnginesSecondSecuritySell MP3sSemitoneSequenceSequencerSequencersSequencingSeriesServerService APIServicesSeventh StringShaneShareSharewareSharingSheet MusicSheet Music PrintingSheetmusicShoppingShortcutsSibeliusSIDSigh-singingSight-readingSimSinglesSiteSkullsSleepSlideSliderSlideshowSlowSlow DownSmartmeterSmartphoneSmileSmileySmiley'sSmileysSmilieSmiliesSmokingSMSSocialSocial Media IntegrationSocial NetworkingSoftSoftsynthSoftwareSoftware For Creating AppsSolSolfègeSolfegeSongsSongs Inside The BoxSongwritingSonicSoundSound EngineerSound LibrariesSound LibrarySoundcardSoundcloudSoundsSpealSpecializedSpectrum AnalysisSpeedSpeed UpSpellingSportSpotfiySpreadsheetSQLSteinbergStereoStockStoreStoresStoriesStormStoryStreamingStreamsStretchStudentsStudioSubtractSweet SixteenSwissonicSwitch Audio File FormatSXSymbolSymphonySyntEditSynthSynthesiserSynthesizerSynthesizersTabTableTaeTarTargetTaskTaskInsightTétrisTeachersTechnologyTelephonyTelevision ShowsTemplatesTestText GeneratorsTexturesThanksgivingThéorieThe VoidTheoryTheory And Ear TrainingThinkpadTim ConrardyTim CookTimeTimelineToneToolToolsTopTop AlbumsTop SongsTorrent ClientTorrentsTotalPDATouchscreenTouringTrackTrackerTracksTranscoderTranscribeTranscriptionTransferTransfer RateTranslatorTransmissionTransportTransportationTunerTurbodiddleyTVTv-tunerTvcaptureTvcapture98TvphoneTvphone98Twentynine03UKUkuleleUniqueUpdateUpdatesUrban MusicURLUSAUSBUSB Studio DUSB-to-MIDI Serial AdapterUtUtilitiesUtilityValentineVariableVariable SpeedVariétéVb/dosVbullitinVdVectorsVera KinterVerdiVHSVid4waVideoVideo AnimationVideo DownloaderVideo EditingVideo GamesVideogamesVideographyVideosVingersVinylVinyl StickerViolentVirtualVirtual Studio TechnologyVistaVisual BasicVjVjayVJingVKVoiceVoidVoid AudioVOIPVorbisVstVST InstrumentVst SynthesizersVSTiWallpapersWalt MossbergWatchWAVWav FilesWav To MidWav To MidiWAV To MP3Wav2midWav2midiWaveWave To MidiWavetableWearablesWeb ApplicationsWeb DesignWeb PromotionWebhook ImplementationsWeblogsWebmasterWebosWebpollWebsite DesignWebsites.WeirdWin2000Win95Win9xWinampWindacWindowsWindows 2000Windows 8Windows 95Windows 98Windows Download ManagerWinntWoodenWordpress ThemesWorkWristwatchWritingWyrdfolkX-Box GamesXiaomiXMXmasXPYearYimYouTubeYouTube VideosZigbee

They reflect the intent of these platforms, helping people understand what is aavailable for integration into applications.